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Daily Bull 11.30.14

Whoop! Winning feels fantastic!

Allie Bailey during the Penn State game.
Allie Bailey during the Penn State game.
Texas A&M Athletics

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History was made last night! I hope you had the chance to see the Fightin' Texas Aggie soccer team take a win from Penn State. They progress to the College Cup in Boca Raton, Florida to play Virginia next Friday. Being only one game away from the championship match, members of the Maroon Militia will be travelling there so expect a great game to watch!

You know what would make going back to work tomorrow better? Bouncyball. The #7 ladies look to take on #8 Duke at noon on the SEC Network. Go pack Reed or hone in your TV to the Ags because it's sure to be a hot game.

More Championship news! The volleyball NCAA Selection Show will take place in Indianapolis, Indiana at 7:30pm on ESPNU. Coming off their regular season closer win from Friday, the Aggies expect to be one of the 64 teams selected with their 21-8 total record and 13-5 SEC record.

annnnnnnnnd no DC news yet. So here's another ridiculous poll but with basketball to help you slowly let go of football and embrace wood floors and sneaker squeaks.