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Daily Bull 11.29.14

"Come on Aggies score a goal, it really is quite simple. Just put the ball into the net and we'll go bloody mental!"

Annie Kunz at the Notre Dame win last Sunday.
Annie Kunz at the Notre Dame win last Sunday.
Texas A&M Athletics

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Tired of your family already? Or you want to spend more time with them? Swing back to College Station or flip your TV to SEC Network+ at 7pm tonight because the Aggies are making history at Ellis. Your Fightin' Texas Aggie Soccer team will battle for a spot in the final four of the NCAA Tournament against Penn State. Students get in free and there are still tickets available here. Some good twitter follows for the game are @AggieSoccer and the student section, @MaroonMilitia. Be there!

There's some delicious leftover SEC football today. When you're not watching the soccer game, you are allowed to take a gander at these non-forced rivalry games.

  • South Carolina vs Clemson at 11am on ESPN
  • Georgia Tech vs Georgia at 11am on the SEC Network
  • Kentucky vs Louisville at 11am on ESPN2
  • Florida vs Florida State at 2:30pm ESPN
  • Mississippi State vs Ole Miss at 2:30pm on CBS
  • Tennessee vs Vanderbilt at 3pm on the SEC Network
  • Auburn vs Alabama at 6:45pm on ESPN
If you have any more latent rage from Thursday, I'll accept any thoughts from you but only in gif form. For the rest of you I've concocted a ridiculous poll to distract you from your feelings.

BTHO penn state!