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Daily Bull 11.2.14

Hey guys! We're bowl eligible now! Yeah feels good! Wait, why are you crying? Stop that.

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

I realize why I should never be allowed in an Aggie presser with Coach Sumlin. Because I would be cacklesnorting at his jokes way more than the real press people there. Presser videos with Coach Sumlin and Spavital with Tra Carson, Malcome Kennedy, Donnie Baggs and Ben Compton are here.

Volleyball today! Turn on your television sets and let the tubes warm up to watch the Fightin' Texas Aggie Volleyball team take on Mizzou in Columbia today at 3pm on the SEC Network.

Oh yeah, Kenny Hill isn't allowed to play football for a bit. Seems like he was caught participating in unscrupulous activities that caused Coach Sumlin to suspend the former starting QB for two games. Coaches made it clear that the decision to start Kyle Allen was made previous to and independently of this incident. Official information on this is pretty sparse at the moment. I think that this just provides room for Connor McQueen to channel his Instagramming skills back in to quarterbacking to take the team to victory.

Josh Lambo deserves the award for being a better college student than you ever were. The placekicker who resides in College Station, but primarily in our hearts, has been nominated for the 2014 Wuerffel Trophy for being one of the top football players who "best combine exemplary community service with athletic and academic achievement." He's a great person and a top-notch Ag, and he is a sure contender for this honor. Great job on and off the field, Josh.