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Daily Bull 11.15.14

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Tiger team 2. Ah Mizzou, we meet again. It seems that before last Saturday, everyone was looking forward to this game as much as a necessary, but uncomfortable medical exam. However, you might now find that we Aggies have a renewed vigor and are looking forward to giving it our all and beating the hell out of yet another feline football ambush [which is the collective noun for tigers--don't say you didn't learn something today].

In order to get your POFG flowing, check out THE TAILGATEStat Sim and Predict the Score, the ALL CAPS PREVIEW, and if you're staying at home for today--watch what the GBH authors are watching. Suit up in your warmest clothes because the game will be kicking off at 6:30pm in the blistering cold on the SEC Network.

If you need more college football television programming to watch. Turn your tellies to SEC Nation from 9-11am on the SEC Network. I had the splendid opportunity to be at some quick interviews of Joe Tessitore, Tim Tebow, and Marcus Spears. (Paaaaawwwl was hiding in the bus talking to Coach Sumlin. I think he's afraid of the cold and also bloggers.) They were very quick and dirty run downs (well, Tim wasn't dirty, he's a saint). Joe stopped all the questions about the game he was being asked and directed the conversation about how impressed he is with Tim and Marcus, so at least he's enjoying his time on the show. Then after meeting Tim and Marcus, I could see why. Tim Tebow has gotten his TV personality down pact. Even teasing his pick for the game tomorrow and holding back, telling us, "you're gonna have to watch SEC Nation, 10 Eastern." Marcus was a bit more revealing, saying that he is favoring Mizzou tomorrow because of their chances to be the SEC East champs, but he likes the talent more at A&M and the fact we are in the SEC West shouldn't be overlooked. Fantastic guys (I had enough self-control not to touch Tim Tebow, but I totally could have), dial in this morning for some SEC greatness in Aggieland!

Gasp. It's the second to last game of the regular season. Grab a loved one to give you a reassuring hug to remind you that you've gone through this before and you'll get through it again. Then you should head over to the IRL GBH Tailgate. By now you've heard all the details, but if you're making a last minute decision or you need to send the info to convince your friends and family to stop by look here for specifics and here to RSVP on Facebook. We are cooking up waffles right now and if you aren't here to eat all this pork and drink all this beer, you will make bloggers sad and you don't want that.

Winner Winner Winner. Friday was awesome.

First win. The Women's Basketball team saw a victory over De Paul in the Maggie Dixon Classic in Chicago last night. The season opener was kept exciting with the #18 De Paul keeping the score close until the last three minutes of the game. The team will see it's second game in the Maggie Dixon Classic today at 4pm facing New Mexico. The game will be broadcast on radio (Zone HD 95.1-3).

Second win. The Men's Basketball team matched up in their game last night with their domination over Northwestern State, getting into triple digits with a final score of 109-68. The next time the Ags take the court will be in the warmer climes of Puerto Rico, November 20-23.

Third win. The SEC Champion Aggie Soccer team started NCAA tournament play last night with a triumphant win over on Houston Baptist University. With the crushing score of 5-0, the Aggies will continue on to play Arizona State University next Friday, time TBA.

And that's exactly what we're gonna do to them, Aggies.

BTHO mizzou!