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Daily Bull 11.1.14

"Okay campers, rise and shine, and don't forget your booties cause its cold out there!"

Kevin C. Cox

Well it might be nearing the end of the year but we have FOUR more games ahead of us. Hopefully you awoke, bright-eyed and bushy tailed for this marvelous athletic spectacle at 11am. (Remember when games weren't on TV and got a decent kick-off time?)  Welp, anyway it's at 11am on the SEC Network (I checked this time). I feel good about this game since we are undefeated against bird mascots, perhaps this trend will continue with the Warhawks. Hey, Auburn is a War Eagle, right? Not technically? Darn.

Corps March-in Changed. If you care to take a review of our Aggie Corps, review this map because they are taking a field trip across campus. If you saw this and cried, "CHANGE?!", it has been reassured that this because of the very early kick off and is planned for one game only. Step off is at 9:30am from the Quad.

Enjoy your game watching experience with these NCAA approved* stimulants: THE TAILGATEScore PredictionsGBH Author WatchlistALL CAPS PREVIEWGamblin' Guide, and the sweet ramblings of the Around Aggieland Podcast. If you want to attack this game from all sides, check out the Media Blitz for everywhere you can tune into the game.

*approved in that they weren't explicitly stated as illegal by compliance.

What's with the Bammers? Our ladies of the Volleyball kind fell to Alabama yesterday in five sets. While on their way back to Texas, they will stop in Columbia, MO to face the Mizzou Tigers on Sunday at 3pm on the SEC Network followed by a string of home games in Reed.

Congrats again to the Noblewomen of Ellis. Winning anything is fantastic and we're proud that you're holding up that Aggie spirit by beating the hell out of the SEC. Whoop to SEC Champions!

Hey there. Despite how the season has been going and the amount you were not getting excited over this game pre-Alabama, have a great time today watching some new blood get in the game, see the new Unis, and watch the Aggies BTHO ulm!

Here's some kiddos who were adorable in all the ways to make you happier about getting to this game early.

Halloween with my best Buzz. (Puns for days). We had a blast tonight

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Finally embracing being called Nicole Ketchup! With my main squeeze D'Jon mustard #carpcrypt

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