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Daily Bull 10.5.14

This is the darkest timeline.

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

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So college football decided to just forget any sanity yesterday. You can catch up on the Post-Game rundown and the By the Numbers if you're brave this morning. I think that we can recover from our own loss, but knowing that we weren't the only ones makes it sting just a tad bit less. Looking at the rest of the NCAA is madness with eleven of the AP Top 25 defeated this weekend. This woolly and wild weekend might have knocked you back, but you can revel in the glory and marvelous world that is college football.

We have a zero loss record in the SEC! Well, in volleyball we still do. The ladies swept Tennessee in Knoxville on Friday (25-14, 25-21, 25-15) bumping their SEC record to 2-0. They will continue their SEC invasion with a 5:00pm game in Lexington against the #13 Kentucky and broadcasted on the SEC Network.

We just really want a shot at beating the hell out of Kentucky. While the volleyball team travels to Lexington to battle the Wildcats, their soccer team travels in to Ellis for an 11am square off with the A&M Soccer team. Today's game will be a big family event, so if you're looking for some maroon kool-aid to help you with yesterday's events, I suggest you head over and watch some Fightin' Texas Aggie Soccer.

t.u.'s most upsetting defeat yesterday. It was clearly in the Spirit Ice Arena where the TAMU Ice Hockey team defeated the Longhorns 9-4. The burnt orange players were probably glad to be in College Station where they could revel in the Aggie's defeat while ignoring their's and their football team's. The ice Ags even got support from Jay Arnold last night. Perhaps he's scoping out defenders for Snyder to mix up the defense with. Whatever the outcome, it would make for a great movie and you know it.

Ole Miss, you're the reason why other schools in the SEC can't have nice things. Following their iwin over Alabama yesterday, Ole Miss fans rushed the field (which should lead to some fines later) and outright stole the goal posts. It seems that both sets of verticals made horizontal trips around Oxford and made a stop inside a student's apartment as well. I'm just disappointed that the SEC doesn't trust non-vandalizing schools like ours to handle rushing the field and not hurting one another. But hey, someone has to be the targeted audience of a rule. You go and just be yourself then, Mississippi. Looking forward to seeing you in CS where we'll make sure to put a Boot Line next to the verticals.