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Daily Bull 10.4.14

Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful--CLANGACLANGACLANGACLANGACLANGACLANGACLANGA

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Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

AWAY GAME IN THE MORNING! I'd say that you need to prepare for the game, but really you're probably reading this at or after kick-off which is fine, there's commercial breaks for a reason. Kickoff is at 11am and on ESPN. SEC Nation will be in Starkville visiting with the Bulldogs and Aggies alike and will have coverage from 9am to kickoff on the SEC Netowrk.

Check here if you missed any of the anti-CLANGA articles from GBH this week (The TAILGATE, ALL CAPS, Solo Podcastin', Onslaught of Numbers, and Score Prediction.)

Know thy enemy, his name is Clanga. CharlieBurris at the SBNation Mississippi State Blog has put together some of our traditions that he thought "cultish". He was soon set straight that he missed about a thousand more that could sound way worse. Give it a looksie during half-time when the Clangas are annoying you too much and it'll give you a bit of a laugh.

SEC Soccer and missed shots. Aggie Soccer went head to head with #6 Florida at Ellis yesterday and came up short. It came down to missed shots that should have been easy for the team but for the extreme pressure from the Gator crew. End score: 1-0 Gators. Sadly this ends the home game winning streak that had been going on strong for 15 matches. You can catch the team on Sunday at 11am when they play Kentucky at Ellis on ESPNU.

Soccer hooliganism leads to hockey hooliganism. If you enjoy beating the hell out of t.u., then look no further than Spirit Ice Arena in College Station as the Texas A&M Ice Hockey team takes on that school from Austin at 7:30pm. If you're in town, stop on by and support the guys.

Do you like reading? Of course you do, you made it to the end of this Daily Bull and you did so well! If you'd like to increase your intake of hilarious Aggie literature, don't forget to order your copy of Marooned in Aggieland: A Bumbling Brit Discovers College Football, Guns N' Waffles by the English Ag himself, Josh Perry. I couldn't put this book down and it will resonate with Ags and college football fans in general. Buy them for your whole family. Our plan is to get Josh famous enough to have him sponsor the GBH tailgate with the promise that we will refrain from the use of the letter 'zed' and spell words with unnecessary U's.

Y'all have an excellent gameday and BEAT THE HELL OUT OF MISSISSIPPI STATE!