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Daily Bull 10.19.14

TODAY IS A NEW DAY FOR NEW BEGINNINGS WITH OUR SLATES WIPED CLEAN--oh, those scores stay around until at least the end of the season? Oh, carry on with your justified disgruntlement then.

I see rcb05's Alabama relatives made it to the game yesterday.
I see rcb05's Alabama relatives made it to the game yesterday.
Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

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Well howdy. Yesterday was...a day, I assume. We'll be getting some more analysis when we stop rocking in the corner, muttering to ourselves. In the meantime you can read the scariest, calmest reaction stringsays has ever written and the poetic stylings of Sylvia Plath's commentary on yesterday's box scores. The after-game interviews can be found here and the pause feature can be activated by clicking the anywhere on the video when it gets to be too much.

Want that win-over-South-Carolina feeling again? Then you're in luck. The fine women of the Aggie Volleyball team will be gracing your television screens at 12:30pm today on the SEC Network+ to take on the Gamecocks. The Ags are coming into this game ranked at #20 but have a matching conference record with unranked South Carolina at 3-3. Sad to say that the volleyball team has fallen into a similar slump as our football team, but today is another day for redemption. Tune in (or attend if you're in Columbia) and support the team.

Need to vent a little among friends? Call the Best Buds Hotline to express yourself vocally to the Around Aggieland audience. Call this morning at 979-217-3164 and leave your (clean) voicemails so you can skip therapy this week.