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Daily Bull 10.12.14

The one where football was terrible but we still had a good time.

Scott Halleran

Welp. I keep going over the things that I forgot to do this week in prep for the game and I think that's why we lost. Everyone can blame me and then we can move onto Alabama. Stringy gave his immediate opinion last night, and that's a great place to get some of your frustrations out. Watch some of the after game interviews here where Kevin Sumlin expresses the same optimism/sadness ball I have in my soul.

Errbody was there. Whether or not we did well, a whole ton of people were there to see. The official attendance for the game topped out at 110,633 humans (bat population not included). This set an SEC attendance record and we now hold the record for most people at a football game in the state of Texas. Period. Whoop.

Can Gators still chomp with elbow pads on? Your #19 Fightin' Texas Aggie Volleyball team takes on the #9 Florida Gators today at 1pm on the SEC Network. A win over this Florida team could push the Ags into the top two spots in the SEC. It's not going to be a blow out and I expect to have some great action that will help you stay involved in the game even if you are not the biggest VB fan. Tune in for a good game and if we are victorious, I'm riding that win high to the Alabama game on Saturday.

Pst. The game was not the funnest, but I am still happy from yesterday. Why, you ask? Because the Real Life Good Bull Hunting Tailgate was an absolute trove of greatness. The atmosphere was brilliant because of each and every one of you who came through. If you did swing by, we'd like you to help us out a bit; write us a quick feedback about your experience. Include anything you thought went well and anything that could have been better and send it to Check out the complete list of our sponsors here where their contact info and social media sites are conveniently located. Thank you to everyone who came and especially to our generous sponsors who made the tailgate a premium experience.

BTHO alabama.