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The Daily Bull wants you to watch basketball

Don't forget about that time change.

Daily Bull 2.7.16: Happy Von Miller Super Bowl Day

Look at all these Aggie sports happening today.

Daily Bull 2.6.16: another BBQ poll

BTHO cocks.

Daily Bull 1.30.16: A&M vs. ISU Hoops


Daily Bull 1.23.16

Texas A&M found out it likes basketball.

Daily Bull 1.16.16

"Georgia, Georgia/The whole day through/Just an old sweet song/Keeps Georgia on my mind."

Daily Bull 1.10.16

Aggies do not lie, cheat, or steal, nor tolerate those who do--unless it's sports then we should run some Ocean's 11 level heists.

Daily Bull 1.3.16

Okay, we are officially a basketball school now.

Daily Bull 12.20.15


Daily Bull 12.13.15

"You want a prediction about the weather, you're asking the wrong Phil. I'll give you a winter prediction: It's gonna be cold, it's gonna be grey, and it's gonna last you for the rest of your life." -After two days of non-stop winter rain.

Daily Bull 12.12.15: Basketball All Day

Aggie Basketball plays at Reed Arena on both the men's and women's sides today. Last night, Aggie Football held its yearly awards banquet.

Daily Bull 12.6.15

Just sitting here waiting to go bowling

Daily Bull 11.29.15

Please play GBH's rendition of "Hello" by Adele while reading this.

Daily Bull 11.22.15: Processing winning

Aggie Sports are blazing hot, ya know?

Daily Bull 11.15.15

Wooo playoffs

Daily Bull 11.8.15

Rule #1: Football is fun.

Daily Bull 10.25.15

Maybe Marty McFly did something in Hill Valley this week that messed up the Aggie offense.

Daily Bull 10.18.15

Yesterday wasn't fun but the sun came up today and we still have a great team. Don't let the BAS set it, folks.

Daily Bull 10.11.15

No Aggie football this week, so let us take a tour around the south.

Daily Bull 10.4.15: Happy Bye Week!

Y'all. We get to be 5-0 for two weeks. It's like Aggie Christmas in October.

The Daily Bull reviews yesterday

The post-Arkansas breakdown

Daily Bull 9.20.15: Aggie Football Wrap-up

College football was the best thing ever yesterday. It's like that significant other that keeps leaving you every year, but when y'all are together again, it's magnificent.

Reviewing Kyle Field

We compared notes on our Saturday experiences at the new stadium.

Daily Bull 9.13.15

The Aggies are 2-0 and everyone is feeling pretty good.


*wakes up from black out* What happened? Did football happen? It did? *faints*

Daily Bull: Get pumped with the best music.


The Daily Bull is on track

*Chariots of Fire music* Sorry there's not any lyrics to quote.

Daily Bull 8.22.15: Soccer scores & dinosaurs

Hold your breath, football comes in less than two weeks. You'll make it.

Daily Bull 8.16.15: Kicking Woes

Disclaimer: I love all Aggie Football players. I'm harsh because I care too much and I've been heartbroken. I'm just a woman scorned and letdown.

Daily Bull 8.15.15: What is a 12?

I trademarked "Daily Bull" so that Rush, Chuck, and James have to pay me money all week long. "Wednesday Trendsday" was considered, but there's not enough use of the term to justify the legal fees.

Daily Bull 8.9.15: Football is finally here.

Get your duffle packed--it's the first day of Fall Camp.

Happy Birthday, Whataburger

How many taquitos is too many?


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