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Daily Bull 05.03.16

Our research in unstoppable soccer robots is coming along nicely.

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FINALLY COLLEGE CAN LITERALLY BE FOR ANYONE If you hadn't heard, A&M announced the creation of a new $150MM research campus to be constructed by 2018. In addition to attracting lucrative private industry research, this campus will provide an education opportunity for up to 10,000 people who were otherwise rejected from admission to Texas A&M. Of course we had to go straight to Chet Norsworth to get the story, but what's really amazing is that this quote isn't from Chet:

"We must offer new, transformative business models whether we are moving our research from the laboratories into the marketplace, or helping more students to achieve a college education," said John Sharp, chancellor of the Texas A&M University System. "It is a big idea and it is important that the Texas A&M University System nurture big ideas."

These are the people making the big decisions about your university these days. This man sleeps in three piece pajamas.

THE GHOST OF NFL DRAFT PAST Just a couple of items. Arizona is optimistic about Brandon Williams' potential and thinks he has a lot of raw talent, and Drew Kaser is pretty psyched to be reunited with former A&M teammate Josh Lambo in San Diego.

THE GHOST OF NFL DRAFT FUTURE As usual, placing the tag "WAY TOO EARLY LOLOMG" before your lazy, thoughtless piece on next year's NFL draft releases you of any culpability for how lame, unnecessary, and hackneyed that piece may be. That being said, they got Myles Garrett as top 5 so we got that going for us. The NFL Draft is dead. Long live the NFL Draft.

CAPTAIN OF #INDUSTRY Congratulations to Karlie Mueller, captain of the soccer team and recipient of the President's Distinguished Letterman's Award at last night's Building Champions Awards. With her level of drive, ambition, selflessness, and pure athletic prowess, we have to wonder if she has considered a lucrative career in blogging. Call us Karlie!