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Noil Latest Culprit in Aggie Football Legal Woes

Has Kevin Sumlin lost control of the Aggie football program?

For most people, Friday was just your average April Fool's Day. Someone was a jackass at work. Twitter made a lot of really bad jokes. Facebook fell for a LOT of things.

But one Aggie in particular pulled an entirely different sort of prank:

Infractions of this nature are becoming so commonplace in Aggieland that they scarce bear mentioning at this point. Just another crime against the backdrop of a wanton, undisciplined, some might say dangerous group of young men. And at the center of it is one man, tasked with keeping charge of these men and helping to guide them as they develop as players, students, and adults.

But is Kevin Sumlin up to the task?

This was not an isolated incident, but a demonstrable pattern of behavior indicative of a larger problem. Speedy Noil's arrest this weekend for driving without a license is reminiscent of fellow WR Ricky Seals-Jones' arrest in 2014 for picking up a friend at Northgate. Myles Garrett is known throughout College Station to have jaywalked upwards of three times since his freshman year. Punter Shane Tripucka has been officially reprimanded on more than one occasion for wantonly tearing the tags off of mattresses. And though no charges have yet been brought forth, it is common knowledge that a grand jury is currently investigating QB Conner McQueen's involvement in an underground tapir smuggling scheme.

These young men can and will be held responsible for their actions, facing potential hours of time served waiting in line at the DMV to pay fines that could be up to dozens of dollars. But maybe it is time to ask if head coach Kevin Sumlin should also be put to task and have to answer for their crimes. After all, the next house to get TP'd might be his own.

Chuck is a senior criminal justice journalist for Good Bull Hunting. He regularly posts on Aggie internet boards as AggiePearlClutcher03. He is no fun at parties.