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Daily Bull 04.26.16 - There Is Nothing To Talk About

so let's just read the internet out loud to one another

There is nothing going on to talk about, so let's just GIS "texas a&m" for posts only in the last 24 hours and discuss.

We are off to an inauspicious start because that photo was definitely not taken in the past 24 hours. Unless it is football season again already. And they demolished the new Kyle Field end zone. And put on what looks like 2009-ish uniforms? Step your game up, Ain't no one buying tickets to Sherman era Aggie football.

This shirt is as related to Johnny Manziel as I am, in that we both are associated with Texas A&M and look like shit. This may be the worst A&M shirt there is, because at least a lot of them are so comically bad that they are good, like B movies. MST3K couldn't do anything with this shirt.

OK now we're getting somewhere. This is actual topical information about recent juco transfer Caylinne Martin joining the women's basketball team. While I'm excited for her and the team, I can't help but feel like Google is trolling me with that "related image" of Kyler Murray in our 2015 class. WE'VE MOVED ON, GOOGLE. YOU WANT A PICTURE OF THINGS WE THOUGHT MIGHT BE COOL BUT DIDN'T WORK OUT AND NO ONE CARES ABOUT ANYMORE? CHECK OUT THIS 2014 ADVERTISEMENT FOR GOOGLE GLASS.

FINALLY they've stopped screwing around and trolling me and just given me some up to date information about the scouting reports for Tra Carson's chances in the NFL dra-

that's it I'm switching to Bing