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Daily Bull 04.19.16 - NEWS IN BRIEF

so much going on today gotta write a daily bull oh jeez the dog just puked up a bicycle tire on the kitchen floor gah im gonna be late

Koichi Kamoshida/Getty Images

Time is money. IRL waits for no man. No time for witty banter, here are things that are happening. Please make this DB your own by providing deep and/or witty insights in the comments.

BASEBALL IS PLAYING BASEBALL They are good. You should support them.

JJ WATT IS EVERY CROSS-FITTER IN YOUR FACEBOOK FEED because not only will he ignore the police request that the citizens of Houston stay off the roads and ignore his team's announcement that practice was cancelled, he's gonna Instagram his workout to make you feel bad about yourself you lazy sack of sheltering-in-place crap. At least Dan Mullen had the good grace to run the Boston Marathon on a beautiful day.

TATE MARTELL IS GOING TO VISIT OTHER SCHOOLS because he is a recruit who is being recruited and the responsible thing to do is go through the recruiting process in order to make sure that you have all of the facts. If that upsets you, consider what you're getting upset over.