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Today's Branding Superheroes

We spoke with World Optimum Marketing Products, Inc.'s Senior VP Marketing Strategy Analyst Manager Chet Norsworth about his latest cross-promotional plan for Texas A&M University.

Robert Behrens

If you spend a lot of time on Facebook then you probably aren't reading this, but you probably are aware that recently a number of superhero/A&M-themed t-shirts have been directly marketed through social media. These shirts are very real. We sat down with the head of the marketing team working with Texas A&M to discuss. He is considerably less real.

fb A&M shirt 1

GOOD BULL HUNTING: Tell us what led to the decision to start this t-shirt project?

CHET NORSWORTH: Our market forecasting analytics, combined with focus groups aimed at mobilizing key demographics, have determined that growth in consumption among young people is keyed on capitalizing on trends dynamically in real time. The millennial generation moves at the speed of the 21st century, and in order to maintain their attention you need to act fast, have a strong presence on social media platforms, and use bright colors and easily recognizable imagery. We also shy away from using words or writing anymore, as the average member of this generation acts on impulse and does not have time to read every little sentence put before them.

It's also critical not to speak down to them. They hate that.

fb A&M shirt 2

GBH: So why specifically did you choose the superhero theme?

CN: As you know, Batman vs. Superman is one of the most commercially successful movies of the year. We took a look at their numbers and said to ourselves 'That movie must be fantastic. We need to assess and refine our platform to utilize that momentum.' So we created a work group tasked with identifying the root cause of their success and creating a vibrant dynamic that dovetailed with that brand.

Texas A&M and its official logo are already internationally recognizable brands. However, synchronizing that visual impact with the undeniable identity of these superheros constitutes quantifiable value added to the market viability of these products. It's simple economics.

This is synergy in its purest, most actionable form.

fb A&M shirt 3

GBH: Do you have any future plans for further cross-promotions?

CN: We are always exploring avenues for future revenue streams. At this juncture the critical path is to stick to our primary action items of maintaining brand consistency and visibility in a volatile and fluid merchandise marketplace.

I can't say much more than that at this point, however I encourage people to watch for us at the 2016 Duluth Official University and College Haberdashery Expo for our next big reveal. Let's just say we're heavily vested in the 2016 DOUCHE.

fb A&M shirt 4