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Daily Bull 03.22.16 - We Were Never A Football School

that's why we invested so much in Reed Arena

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

IT'S BEEN WAAAAY MORE THAN FOUR HOURS but we're still basking in the afterglow of a game that has written Texas A&M into basketball lore forever. The mothership wrote about the top 10 insane moments in this epic opening weekend of March Madness, and guess who made #1? Oh and look at that, we're ranked above our rival who sits at #2.

Now it's time to look to Thursday's matchup with an intimidating OU squad. Make no mistake, the Big XII is arguably the best basketball conference in the country and OU is one of the best in it. Time to gird your loins and braise your tenderloins folks.

MARCH GIVETH, MARCH TAKETH AWAY The Aggie women's basketball team did not fare so well yesterday, struggling to stop Florida State's offense on the way to being knocked out of the tournament without advancing to the Sweet 16. At least they were able to make some history of their own along the way. Congratulations on a great season, Ags!

IT IS A GOLDEN AGE OF NON-FOOTBALL AGGIE SPORTS The #2 Aggie baseball team took 2 of 3 in their SEC opening series against Auburn this weekend. Tonight they head back home to face the A&M-CC Islanders. You can watch on SECN+, or if you're not a bad Aggie you can get your ass to Olsen!

WORRIED ABOUT YOU BOO This is not a clever joke orchestrated by a fanbase that has a sense of humor about its situation. It is not the hallmark of trolls, hackers, or Anonymous rigging a poll. It's a cry for help. It's a last, desperate call for any sort of attention before a lonely and mistreated person does something drastic. Someone, anyone, please get Cleveland some help before something terrible happens.

oh no wait they're OK

THE SEARCH CONTINUES FOR SOMETHING VON MILLER IS BAD AT because it ain't dancing, but we already knew that. (skip to 1:18)