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Daily Bull 03.02.16 - The Pants Are Barely On


John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

BASEBALL? CHECK. It was a close one but clutch as hell as the Aggies knocked in two in the bottom of the 13th to beat Houston Baptist last night. This was after HBU took the lead in the top of the 13th, making our baseball team the asshole that flips his cards over one at a time in poker when he knows he's won.

BASKETBALL? GIANT THUNDEROUS CHECK. Like so many A&M teams before them, the basketball team allowed their opponent a double-digit lead early. Unlike their predecessors, this team responded by systematically crushing their souls with brutally precise machinations.

Did you have plans on Saturday? Screw your plans. Get your ass to Reed Arena and make it so unholy deafening that the Commodores genuflect before its terrifying grandeur. Let's win this thing.

SUMMON THE SUN BEAST Orphaned by a cruel season of conference realignment, New Mexico State and Idaho joined the Sun Belt when the WAC shuttered its football doors in 2013. Unfortunately it seems their foster parents have had a change of heart, and now the Punky Brewster and Webster of college football are in need of a good home again. Meanwhile, events are free to unfold and bring forth the greatest of college football's mythical creatures, the Sun Beast.

SOME NOT HAPPY NEWS University of Buffalo DE Solomon Jackson passed away from unspecified medical complications arising from a conditioning workout. It's easy to forget in all the taeking, coach-firing, and alternate uniform arguing that these are just kids playing a game and now some parents have lost their kid. If you have it in your heart to help the family, please do so.