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Daily Bull 02.24.16

Let's talk about the best thing that happened in sports yesterday.

Most football fans lament February as the Death Valley of the sports calendar, where interest never even reaches mean sea level. But there are sports, and sports are great. College sports are especially great because crazy, meaningless things happen with higher frequency.

Case in point:

A few notes:

1. This shot was taken by Vanderbilt center Josh Henderson. It was his 6th career three-point attempt, and only the second that he ever made.

2. Many centers are accused of being unable to make shots from the free throw line. This shot was definitely taken from a free throw line.

3. He heaved this bad boy with a hair trigger, even though he had time to take a couple dribbles and make it close to a half-court shot. He did not do this because he does not want nor need your advice.

4. Sure, shots from that distance require a bit more chutzpah than your typical 12-foot jumper. Still, Henderson throws this ball like a man from a far away land who has only had the sport of basketball described to him by a translator from yet another country. You would not be surprised if the camera panned back to him and he was disappointed that the ball did not go through the backboard, which he understood to be worth 5 points.

5. Peyton Manning can no longer throw a football with the velocity, trajectory, or accuracy of this shot.

6. This shot happened at halftime, meaning the Gators were only down by 5 at the half. Yet the level of dejection shown by the Florida players shows that they knew the truth - that for today only Vanderbilt was God's most special creature and no agent could visit harm upon them.