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Daily Bull 02.02.16 - A Man Of The People

his stance on pelvic thrusting alone makes him the logical choice

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

HAVE WE FIRED KENNEDY YET The Aggies remain in the top 10 after a nice victory over a great Iowa State squad. Graphical artist rcb05 has your slick looking Aggie basketball wallpapers, so you'd better go get one and use it or Danuel House told me he's gonna lose on purpose and then blame you personally in the post game.

This one is my favorite:

HE IS OF US BUT ABOVE US AND SHALL LEAD US There is only one man who can lead our people through this troubled time of transfers and decommits. As the rest of the world teeters on the brink of anarchy, Fightin' Texas Aggie Von Miller used a chunk of his Super Bowl Media Day time to do some crootin' for the good guys. On the field and off Von is simply the greatest ambassador this school has ever been lucky enough to have. Gig 'em, you dancin' fool.

BUT UH OH THIS DON'T LOOK GOOD VON Apparently 75% of the SB Nation Shieldball gurus picked the Denver Von Millers to lose the big game. They are bad Aggies in my opinion. My opinion is bolstered by my assumption that in fact none of them are Aggies.


Crootin', you whimsical bastard. Here's what else we know.

A THIRD PUMP WILL DRAW A FLAG NO MATTER WHAT The stars have aligned to have our favorite Aggie in the same Super Bowl that will be the first to feature Key and Peele doing live commentary.