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Daily Bull 02.10.16 - Welcome Coach JT

But is he #gritty enough?

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

OH I'M SORRY I THOUGHT THIS WAS AMERICA Yesterday Kyle Allen stepped up to the mic and told his side of the story on why he chose to transfer . Our man ColoradoAg wrote a piece that was immediately misinterpreted on social media as a defense of what he said rather than support of his right to say it. That statement will almost certainly be semantically disassembled with disregard to its point as well.


We could do a lot worse than the best SNL host ever, IMHO.

EXPECT THE FIRMEST OF SLAPS ON THE WRIST, REBS A couple weeks ago Ole Miss sources reported that all of the violations which the NCAA was investigating occurred under the previous regime with Houston Nutt. Turns out that wasn't so much true. The report isn't exactly in the Bag Man Cloak And Dagger Hall Of Fame, although a lot of it apparently involves Laremy Tunsil - who you will be shocked to learn has decided to get out of dodge and head to the NFL draft. Another flawless execution of the "let's not pay players" system.

WOOOOOO I LIED MORE VON THINGS because he is just the damn best.