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Daily Bull 01.06.16 - Giving A Vote Of Confidence

which I guess means we should start cleaning out our desk

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CCC Cold Weather

DOES THIS MEAN I'M FIRED We here at GBH would like to take this opportunity to join in the chorus of voices who are going conspicuously out of their way to offer a vote of confidence in head coach Kevin Sumlin. We look forward to another exciting season and please ignore the man measuring the door to your office that's just a routine check.

IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR AGGIELAND I ASSUME YOU ARE LOST Texas A&M got a quarterback yesterday, successfully completing a trade with OU in which both programs assume the other has made a huge mistake. Also, good news that Kyle Allen will be landing on his feet in the Bayou City where he will spend a year on the bench sampling the local carcinogens while he waits to play for Tom Herman who will definitely still be there in 2017.

#WEDNESDAYTRENDSDAY AD Eric Hyman  "stepped down" yesterday, which is fancy rich-people talk for "got fired but will still have great job prospects and an enormous amount of liquid assets". While apparently not well loved, those who remember the Byrne administration can appreciate how little we ever heard about our athletic director - in the hyper-critical modern college athletics atmosphere, making little news is a fair bellwether for success.

Hyman's tenure was brief but critical as he led the Aggies in their fledgling years in the SEC West. Of course, when properly framed, the speed with which he arrived and left can be quite alarming.


Looks like our next athletic director will be around for approximately one year, and his successor will not even stick around to see a football season. Integrating under the curve indicates that in less than two years we will have an AD who leaves the school midway through his own signature on the contract. These are dark times, Ags.

HE EATS PIECES OF SHIT LIKE YOU FOR BREAKFAST Welcome our newest GBH author Shooter Flatch, who takes this baby out for his first spin by wondering who are the Agluminati and why do they hate our happiness?