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A Look At The Assistant Coach Job Posting

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Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

Government institutions are funny creatures, flush with large sums of money and surprising power and yet lashed to hilariously rigid regulations and bureaucracy. It comes as no surprise then that even the meticulously hand-picked and triple-vetted coaching staff hires get listed as job postings on the school website. This page gives us a whimsical glimpse into an imaginary world where college football coaches spend hours poring through online job postings, filling out endless online forms, and uploading .rtf versions of their resumes only to receive no response other than an automatically generated email thanking them for signing up with

As usual GBH is here to give you your first in-depth look at what it takes to be an assistant coach at a Division I school. Click the photo to embiggen.


This is bad news for those Aggies who actually want Steve Spurrier as their next OC, because no seventy year-old has ever successfully completed an online job application, particularly not one who keeps a trophy case instead of a resume. On the other hand, Houston Nutt just asked his daughter to create a LinkedIn profile for him.