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Daily Bull 09.23.15 - Dusting Off A Classic

So I strolled across old Main street, walked down a flight of stairs
I stepped into the hall and saw all my friends were there
A neon sign was flashing "Welcome Come On In"
It feels so good feelin' good again


Ralph Orlowski/Getty Images

Adidas Black Ice Now Available!

We all oohed and aahed over the uniforms Aggie Football will wear on Halloween. Now you can purchase several items from Adidas' 2015 Black Ice collection at Aggieland Outfitters.

QBU: TAKE TWO It seems that Kyle Allen may be growing more and more comfortable in his role as the starter.

I'm no statistician, but that seems pretty good. It also seems like a trend - one worth projecting into the future. And THAT means it's...


#WednesdayTrendsday is back y'all, and even more flawlessly logical than ever!

Well the SEC Network sure has given us a fine stat to work with there. You know good times are ahead when you have to resort to logarithmic scale.

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150923 WT