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Daily Bull 09.01.15 - Shameless Self Promotion

You know what it isn't anymore? August, that's what.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

TAKES AS HOT AS HOUSTON HERSELF Yesterday ColoradoAg turned his napalm words inward on his home and nemesis The Bayou City, and by noon there was nothing but rubble and refinery flares in the aftermath. Go. Go and laugh at Houston's misfortune and know that someday our gaze will fall upon your hometown and you will weep.

YOU CAN'T SPELL "MONEY STUNT" WITHOUT U-N-T The Aggies will apparently be playing the Mean Green of North Texas in 2020. UNT's stadium is LEED certified and powered solely by wind generated electricity. Of course the game will be played in Kyle, which belches out the kind of diesel exhaust fumes that both power and fund a true monument to college football excess.

FANPOSTIN' / FANSHOTTIN'! YOU SHOULD TRY IT! A couple that you might have missed yesterday, such as the A&M depth chart and full rides for a couple of hard-working walk-ons. Remember folks, this is a fan site (as the Athletic Department is fond of reminding us) which means you can post stuff too. Hell, it's how I got started here.

REMEMBER: NEVER TWEET The 2015 GBH Twitter Directory arrived quietly last night. Use it to properly adjust your follows to make sure that Aggie news becomes a never-ending stream directly into your consciousness. If you were left off the list it means one of two things, either a) we are fallible creatures and prone to bouts of forgetfulness and brain farts or b) you are dull and no one wants anything to do with you. Could go either way, tbh.

Enjoy your Tuesday folks. You know what happens on Wednesdays.