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Daily Bull 08.05.15

We are talking uniforms. All day. Seriously, just uniforms all over the place. Please help. It's dark in here and so very cold.

Still anNOID by these uniforms?
Still anNOID by these uniforms?
Eric Francis/Getty Images

DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMED Grantland has taken a look at the SEC, particularly the West, and determined that the division has been all smoke and mirrors and now the college football playoff has exposed it as a charlatan. Time to pack things up, tuck tail, and look for a new conference y'all. Maybe if the Aggies are nice Texas will let them back in the Big XII. Though at this point it's likely they'll have to ask permission from Baylor first.

SPEAKING OF DESTROYING WACO Once upon a time a school made a desperate, clingy attempt to stop A&M from leaving the Big XII. The economy of Texas would be destroyed, you see, and Waco would be laid low by the devastating effect of the Aggies taking their football product out of the state. Well it turns out they're only leaving Texas thrice this season, and as a result won't have to put too many miles on the Swaggercopter. Thank goodness they don't have to go anywhere stupid like West Virginia.

THIS IS STILL ON ITS WAY Whatever it is.

We have theories, both legitimate and less so. Stay tuned to GBH today for all of the Aggie uniform news you can possibly stand and then some.

ETC. Thanks to Aggie great Jay Arnold for this little nugget: