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Daily Bull 08.04.15

It's the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine.

Reveille XXIV is coming along nicely.
Reveille XXIV is coming along nicely.
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

2015 Sideline Shoes now available!

WE'RE COMING FOR YOU, NDSU EDSBS legal counsel Ryan Nanni points out that the season opener between Texas A&M and Arizona State will be the first time those teams ever meet, much as last year was the first meeting between A&M and the Gamecocks. Do something twice and it's a coincidence, thrice and it's tradition - and would you look at that! A&M will be playing UTSA for the first time next year as we continue to tick teams off the list in our quest for world domination. Personally I'm most looking forward to A&M's future matchup with Appalachian State, assuming that we can find the school. We are U.S. Americans, after all, and as such not so great with maps.

REPORTING ON SPORTS LIKE EXPERTS GBH's women's basketball guru jimhu got together with the good folks at the Kentucky blog A Sea Of Blue to lend his analysis in their look at the 2016 SEC teams. Can our Aggies regain the lofty heights they saw in 2011, or will the steady decline continue?

SERIOUSLY THOUGH WHERE ARE THE ADIDAS UNIFORMS Yesterday editor and American hero Jimmy Gards presented in graphic form what we already knew. It is still a little unclear exactly how many servings of Verne Lundquist you should consume each day, though

LOS LOCOS KICK YOUR FACE As the Terminator stood on the mountain of human skulls, his weapon trained on my left eye and cold metallic finger preparing to squeeze the trigger, I could only think to implore, "WHY? WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?" Then he pulled out his iPhone 23 and showed me a video decades old. And I understood, and knew we deserved our fate.