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Daily Bull 08.26.15 - Happy Dog Day Miss Rev Ma'am

There is nothing we want to talk about today so instead let's check in on the SEC's live mascot canines.

What do Aggies dream of when they take a little Aggie snooze...
What do Aggies dream of when they take a little Aggie snooze...
John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Today is National Dog Day according to social media, which is to say that a cluster of enthusiasts has arbitrarily decided to have people celebrate something that a lot of people like and so people agreed. If tomorrow someone was to declare it National Don't Go To Work And Play XBox And Eat A Whole Pizza By Yourself Day, rest assured there would be a pepperoni shortage declared within 48 hours.

TRUE FRESHMEN GIVE THEM THE HEISDOG Turns out that Reveille IX won't be the only rookie out there on the football field this season. Georgia will be welcoming the tenth iteration of Uga (the crotch-bitingest of the group), replacing Russ who has served as Uga IX for 3 years while perfecting his Mike Holmgren impersonation.

Meanwhile, Ole-Miss-level nepotism abounds at Mississippi State as they roll out the latest model, replacing Bully XX with his own son. Hopefully Bully XXI can maintain the wait did that say Bully XXI? How can that be possib-

The average Bully has generally lasted 2-4 years

When is the NCAA going to step in and require these mascots to finish their degree before turning pro? Regardless, thank you MSU for naming your live and costumed mascots the same thing, allowing for great headlines like this. And thank you Bully for the greatest live-mascot gif of all time.

FREE SNUGGIE WITH EACH SEASON TICKET PURCHASE Most Tennessee fans have sat expressionless and wrapped up in a blanket since Peyton Manning left. None of them ever made it look this good, though.

Have a Wednesday everyone. Football is soon.