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Daily Bull 08.11.15

I watched football today to see if I still feel
I focus on the game, the only thing that's real
The tailback finds a hole, that old familiar cut
Tried to give that ball away, like Sanchez fumbling on a butt

- NIN, "Hurt" (paraphrased)

He was super pissed it wasn't full of chocolate.
He was super pissed it wasn't full of chocolate.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

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THE OFF SEASON IS GETTING DESPERATE I thought I was getting bad, what with all the angry yelling at clouds. But seriously y'all, I'm worried about cuppycup.

well guess who it is well its your old pal jon Wordsmith and erstwhile sandwich store owner Jon Bois launched his own SB Nation site yesterday. WARNING: by clicking on this link and subsequently the links you will find within, you will get absolutely nothing done for the rest of the day and people will ask why you're laughing without noises coming out.

WE HAVE ESTABLISHED THAT THE INTERNET IS NO PLACE FOR BAD LANGUAGE There is really nothing better than schools and athletic departments - entities which strive to control access to their products and reports on those products - embracing Periscope, an app designed to allow live uncontrolled access. God forbid that fans be allowed to see an honest glimpse into an impromptu huddle, where real college kids drop real F bombs while getting real fired up the way they really do when national cameras don't require them to sterilize their behavior and make it safe for mass consumption. Think of the children.

HAVE YOU EVER SEEN MY INTERNET BOARD IMPERSONATION? ESPN hates us. Fox Sports is trolling us. GBH is just a "ghey frat" [sic]. something something water coolers something mirror out something something lulz