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Daily Bull 7.07.15

Good morning. Jimmy Gards is on talk radio, Jared from Subway is being investigated by the FBI, and whales shoot rainbows out of their heads. So good luck with all that.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

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NATIONAL MEDIA PRESENCE Just wanted to point out that this morning our friend James Gardner was on Red Zone 92.1 in Fayetteville, AR to swap hot sprots taeks with the Razorback media. Then next week I will be making a solo venture to SEC Media Days to live out the saddest fantasy camp you've ever seen. Blogging: it's like real media except without any money or respect.

HOW TO CHOOSE A LEDE PHOTO Those beautiful assholes over at Kissing Suzy Kolber ranked the saddest QB battles of the NFL this year, and guess who made the top of the list? WOOOOOOOOO CRAPPY ENNN EFFF ELLL KYOOO-BEEEE BATTLE NASHUNAL CHAMPIUNS PAWWWWWWWWLLLL!

BUT HAS WACO BECOME A DESOLATE WASTELAND LIKE KEN STARR SAID Once upon a time a bunch of whiny bitches claimed we were abandoning the state of Texas by leaving the Big XII. We are truly heartless bastards.

Really we're just trying to go green by minimizing our carbon footprint, unlike those eco-terrorists in Austin.

It's only Tuesday, but hey cheer up. Here is a whale shooting rainbows at you. Have a good one!