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Daily Bull 07.28.15

We ain't payin' you to fist bump in fact we ain't payin' you at all except probably everyone's bein' paid.

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Hey everyone, glad to be back after a little post-SECMD hiatus. Let's have a conversation about sporting teams and the sports that they play!

KEVIN COSTNER : WHITNEY HOUSTON :: MYLES GARRETT : MY HOPES AND DREAMS Sports Illustrated has a nice piece out there about Aggie sophomore DE Myles Garrett. It appears that freakish athletic talent runs in his family, and they have provided all manner of inspiration (and warning) for him over the years. Also, he big:

Nelson didn't know who the friend was but guessed he was Sean's bodyguard. Myles had just turned 16.

INTERNET LAWYERS IT IS YOUR TIME TO SHINE College athletes are likely to get paid (a pittance, compared to their value) soon, but the NCAA is fighting tooth and nail to delay this under the Rich Old Men Will Only Get Richer At A Slower Rate Now Act of 2009. If you think about it though the NCAA is probably right and amateurism is very important and these players definitely aren't already being paid and also my childhood dog didn't die he just went to live on a farm where he could chase rabbits.

ALSO SHE CAN CERTAINLY KICK YOUR ASS The Arizona Cardinals have made headlines this week for hiring the first female coach in the history of Shieldball. Spilly's "Reasonable Fans React To The Hiring Of Jen Welter" will probably be his first longform piece as people trample one another trying to have the hottest take. It will be entertaining to listen to armchair quarterbacks making internet statements about this person who a) was also the first female in a male pro football league in a non-kicking position, b) has two gold medals in the IFAF Women's World Championship, and c) also has a PhD.