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Texas A&M Brings The Jumbo Set To SEC Media Days

This year Kevin Sumlin brought only linemen to SEC Media Days this year. He is trying to send a message, hopefully about the benefits of Second Breakfast.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

In 2014 Kevin Sumlin made a splash at SEC Meda Days by inviting punter Drew Kaser as one of the three players to represent Texas A&M. This year Sumlin decided to bring the heavy set, opting for two offensive linemen and a defensive lineman, in order to lend weight credence to his point that this year the Aggies would be about physicality. The media took notice.

"It's kinda cool because he brought all the fat kids, I like that," said senior DL Julien Obioha, giving hope to my 14 year old self. Obioha is a product of Brother Martin High School in New Orleans, a petroleum engineering major, and my new spirit animal (sorry Drew). He was also once a recruiting target of then LSU defensive coordinator John Chavis and now enjoys playing for The Chief. "It's funny because I decided to go to another school and he follows me," Obioha laughed, "So that was pretty nice."

Coach Chavis is the hot topic in the A&M arena this year, and when you have a story with an agenda then who better to ask about a defensive coach than offensive linemen? Junior LT Germain Ifedi fielded his share of questions about the defense. "They just seem to have so much more confidence," Ifedi responded patiently. "It seems like the defense is confident that every rep they can stop the offense."

In between hot take generating questions, Ifedi did have a chance to speak about A&M's young quarterback Kyle Allen. "Kyle was always confident in the huddle," he said. "He never shied away from being the leader that you need on your offense. He got thrown in there mid-season he was as confident as I've seen a young quarterback, or any quarterback." That's great news for Aggie fans, but will prove meaningless since internet forums have confirmed that Kyle Allen sucks and Sumlin will probably start Kyler Murray and Allen will end up transferring to t.u.

This year at Media Days the SEC is promoting Beyond The Field, a player from each team who has an interesting story outside of their performance on the team. Texas A&M's representative is senior OL Mike Matthews, the latest in line in one of the most prolific football bloodlines in history. The Matthews family has produced 8 NFL greats, including Hall Of Famer Bruce Matthews and recent Aggie lineman Jake Matthews.

As usual, when the mainstream media was afraid to ask the hard hitting questions, Good Bull Hunting was there. Sure it's interesting to hear about past losses and future NFL hopes, but what are the pickup football games at Matthews family reunions like?

"No, we can't take the chance on anyone getting hurt. Everyone's under contract or something like that. Back when we were younger, yeah, but we're too old now."

Take care of yourselves, and keep crackin' heads boys.