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Daily Bull 7.1.15

Men's soccer players flop. Women's soccer players bleed down their faces.

Dennis Grombkowski/Getty Images

You think that I forgot to do the Daily Bull yesterday. I did not forget to do the Daily Bull yesterday. I remembered to do the Daily Bull yesterday, at approximately 5 PM. They are probably gonna take this out of my end of the year bonus.

THERE WILL BE BLOOD The USWNT chalked up another victory yesterday, this time with a 2-0 score over the intimidating German side. Sure calls were questionable in that way that every sport has questionable calls. The important thing is that the Americans beat Germany and you should celebrate their win with enthusiasm. Or you can be a little bitch about it.

FIRST WE GET THE FOOD TRUCKS, THEN WE GET THE COACHES, THEN WE GET THE NATTYS Erstwhile A&M women's tennis coach Howard Joffe is heading to Austin, citing personal life reasons for making the move. He is a great coach and a huge get for the Longhorn program, and we wish him all the best and hope he finds what he is looking for.

#TEAMHATEBARN The learned Maester Roberts has taken time out of his busy day of sending ravens and cauterizing amputations to educate the unwashed masses on the origins of the best damned stadium nickname in the business. Yes, it's OK to think something is fun and funny in and of itself. No, you don't have to earn the right to call your stadium whatever you want. Call it Kyle Field and Kyle Field only, or call it the Snuggle Den, or call it Charlene. I will call it the HATE DAMN BARN.

THIS IS STILL MORE INTELLIGENT THAN 24 HOUR NEWS NETWORKS Fanposter bolsenfield is providing a valuable service to the denizens of GBH by watching Big Brother and reporting on the activities of former A&M DB Clay Honeycutt. This is important because I am actually curious, but I ain't watchin' that shit.


#branding #synergy

Have a great week everyone. Grab your crotch and jump into Skittles, be good to each other, and try not to tell any Aggies on Twitter that they should have gone to another school.