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Daily Bull 6.09.15

That game was less than 8 hours ago. It was 6 hours long. Things got weird.

REVERSE GIGGING The Fightin' Texas Aggie Baseball team ran out of time last night against TCU. After pulling out another thrilling comeback with a two-run 9th inning to send the game into extra innings, the Frogs and Aggies battled it out through seven more, finally finishing with a mad scramble in the bottom of the 16th at 1 AM.

This is a special team, y'all; they deserve every success they got and more. It was a heartbreaking way to end the season and yet such a testament to this scrappy group that never gave up when things looked bleak. #RELENTLESS

GETTIN' CALLED UP TO THE BIG LEAGUE As A&M and TCU engaged in a war of attrition in the the wee hours of the night, the MLB draft was busy deciding the future of some of these youngsters. Among them was Aggie pitcher AJ Minter, picked up at the end of the draft by the Atlanta Braves. Congratulations, AJ - give 'em hell!

USAUSAUSAUSAUSAUSAUSAUSAUSA The 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup kicked off this weekend and the USWNT won their first match by dispatching Australia. The team looked a little lackluster in the first half, managing a 1-1 tie on a goal from Megan Rapinoe and relying heavily on sharp goalkeeping by Hope Solo. They really got things humming in the second half, with a beautiful pass from Leroux and great finish by Press to give the US a 2-1 lead. Then Rapinoe did one of those things that makes you wonder why you couldn't score because it just looks so easy.