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Daily Bull 6.03.15

You're still number one in our hearts, Johnny

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

IN ALL FAIRNESS THEY ARE THE WORST AT A LOT OF THINGS According to, the Cleveland Browns have the worst quarterbacks in the entire league. That's not exactly a glowing endorsement of Johnny Manziel, who is likely to remain a backup in that group when the season starts. It's also hardly a profound revelation to state something that has been true for a very, very long time.

RABBLE RABBLE T-SHIRT FANS ARGLE BLARGLE In this post-rivalry age of masturbatory moral victories, the Aggies have found a big deposit for the bank in this article from the mothership. It turns out that the Longhorns have the fourth most "t-shirt fans", while the Aggies have the fewest. Before touting this accomplishment too hard, remember that it basically means that of all of the options for the majority of Americans to choose in rooting for a college team, the Aggies are the least popular. On the other hand, something something Walmart something t-shirt fan something something.

GIG THEM, IN THE TRUEST SENSE OF THE WORDS In case you missed the news, the Ags will be taking on TCU in Fort Worth this weekend. Here is your ticket info if you want to make the trip. Coincidentally, my TCU-grad wife and I will be spending upwards of 22 hours in the car together this weekend. Still trying to decide if I'm rooting for A&M or my marriage.