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Daily Bull 6.23.15

Hope is a good thing. Maybe the best of things. And a good thing never loses to Colombia.

Todd Korol/Getty Images

Bored with the off season already? Remember, there's never an off season for tweeting horrible things to recruits, you pathetic bag of loneliness!

TWO GOALS AND A CLOUD OF DUST Time for real football talk, y'all. The USWNT beat Colombia last night to advance again in the World Cup. There was plenty of crisp, clean passing and great off the ball movement - unfortunately all of that was the Colombians. The U.S. relied on solid, strangling defense, perfect goal line play, and an offense of ill-advised passing and questionable refereeing. They are LSU.

TCU FOOTBALL: CATCH THE TRILL! It's always good to hear that a transfer QB has landed on his feet. The great news for TCU is that the NCAA has confirmed that it is not an impermissible benefit to install Tempurpedic tree planters all over Ft. Worth.

BETTER LATE THAN NEVER While it was surprising and disappointing to hear that Walmart was still selling items with the Confederate flag on them before yesterday, hey, at least they have finally caught up with the times. The discount mega-giant gets a lot of flak from all directions for their business practices, employee treatment, support of sweatshop labor, and overall lack of quality, but now we know for sure that offensive items will be removed fro-

You assholes.