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Kyle Field Beverage Service

If not alcohol, what should Kyle Field serve?

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week Texas got approval to begin alcohol sales within DKR during the 2015 football season. We don't care about t.u. and we've moved on, so the matter was brought up with Texas A&M Chancellor John Sharp today.

Are you alternately applying a cool compress and antiseptic ointment before bandaging, Longhorns? Because you just got second degree burned.

Many an Aggie enjoys a spirited beverage before, during, or after a game, if the stories I'm told about the GBH Tailgates are true. If the school is choosing to stand it's ground on the issue of alcohol at Kyle Field, we can respect that. However, that doesn't mean that they shouldn't consider other less-controversial beverages at the concession stands.

But what should they serve these days? And what should they have served back then?

Kevin Sumlin Era

That offense is moving fast. Too fast. And if you're playing Louisiana Tech it might keep you up WAY past your bedtime.

Maybe it's time for Aggies to slow their roll and learn to slowly power down through the course of the night in order to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Turn the lights down, turn your phone off, and no deep passes after 9 PM.

Mike Sherman Era

Then again, sometimes you're falling asleep halfway through things and you need a little help staying up. It's really your own fault for getting mashed potatoes with your Lu Ann Platter. All those carbs will make you groggy!

Let's light a fire under that offense with the kind of short-lived, ultimately ineffective energy that only a sugary cola or a retread NFL position coach can provide! Free Jolt for kids under 8 will serve to remind parents to leave the kids with their grandma and give those seats to someone who can really appreciate them.

Dennis Franchione Era

Sometimes you just got something that you want to get rid of but can't. It's OK to ask for help.