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Daily Bull 6.17.15

Slurp up those last remaining drops of sports while you can.

Hope everyone stayed high and dry during that Biblical storm that decimated Houston yesterday.

GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME GROUP OF DEATH The US Women's National Team won their group in the 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup yesterday with a dominating performance over Nigeria that is belied by the 1-0 final score. The lone goal came off a corner-kick from Rapinoe to Wambach, who has scored over 180 international goals for the USWNT. She good.

AGGIES IN THE OFFSEASON ARE JUST SO DAMNED ADORABLE Former student and suspected superhero Von Miller continues to do things that make him just the best. Former student and undeniable dreamboat Clay Honeycutt will be participating in the next season of the reality show Big Brother. Up until yesterday most people would have said, "Participating in a reality show guarantees that you can never run for public office." Lol.

THOSE HORSES LANDED HIM A NICE CAMRY GBH flexes its journalistic muscles as Spadilly takes us through an FOIA request on AD Eric Hyman's contract. Interesting that of the "big three" sports, there are no specific benefits listed for, say, COLLEGE WORLD SERIES APPEARANCES. Gotta admit though, it must have been sweet when the Equestrian team landed him a $25k payoff.

NBA is over. NHL is over. Aggie baseball, basketball, softball, and track are over. College football is still 79 days away. Things are looking grim, but there are still some sports to look forward to - and you can always drink the MLB off the floor if you're desperate.