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Daily Bull 6.15.15

Shhhhh... let's talk about sports and video games instead

We could talk about the monumental political issues being debated this very moment. We could talk about a stupid show that had a stupid season finale last night that was dumb and stupid. We could talk about Bron Bron and Curry and #narratives.

We will talk about none of those things.

WHAT WE WILL DISCUSS is that the Aggies landed another #croot in the form of TE Irvin Smith, Jr. The Louisiana native - son of former Notre Dame and New Orleans Saints player Irvin Smith - chose A&M despite having offers to Texas, LSU, and many other schools. Now we just need to figure out what a TE is for. They're on defense, right?

ROUGH, TOUGH, REAL STUFF The Texas Tribune wrote an interesting article about the first black cadet to make it through all four years in the Corps Of Cadets. Congratulations to Bill Mahomes and everyone else that took that crucial first step that made things incrementally easier for everyone who came after them.

YES BUT ARE YOU ALLOWED TO USE THE POWER GLOVE AND OH WAIT WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT For a bunch of people who only program Disney-level, antiseptic, childproof, G-rated characters, those guys at Nintendo can be real sadistic bastards. Still, it does look easier than Ninja Gaiden.

THE DOCTOR IS IN SEC Media Days has announced its logo for this year, which is apparently a thing that was necessary to announce. Honestly though, I kinda expected them to go a different direction with it.