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Daily Bull 6.10.15

Cavs fans are still excited to have someone this famous at one of their games.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

ACTUAL FOOTBALL TALKING stringsays and mattywatty01 looked benevolently down from their desert plateau and unleashed a glorious deluge of football knowledge upon the thirsty masses below. In this Fury Road analogy I feel like Rush is Mad Max, Fletcher is Furiosa driving the precious War Tailgate, I'm the chrome-mouthed War Boy Nux, and Wes has been strapped to a monster truck playing a double-necked flaming guitar. Anyway, read their actual football analysis and then definitely go see that movie because holy hell your pants will catch on fire but it's OK because you'll pee yourself too.

THIS IS B1G COUNTRY Let The Great Satellite Camp Debate of 2015 rage on. Michigan coach and known pants aficionado Jim Harbaugh coached at a satellite camp in the DFW area yesterday - a practice currently disallowed by the SEC but politely ignored by the B1G. Mike Slive was unreachable for comment as he sat in a darkened room watching a pair of off-brand dockers burn in a metal trashcan.

DAWWWWWWWWWW Any team touting Lebron as the solution to all of life's problems is difficult to like, but dangit then they had to go and do something adorable like this. Also, guess who showed up to support his number one broski?


Survive your week folks. 86 more days until sports again.