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Daily Bull 5.20.15

The Aggies are playing baseball and you should be watching it right now.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

BASEBALLBEISBOLBASEBALLBEISBOL The Aggies take on the Crimson Tide THIS MORNING in the SEC Baseball Tournament. Jason has all of your pertinent details and background information here. We will be using this article as a live thread for the game, so stop by and hang out while you watch the game and pretend to work.

TRYING TO THINK OF A SILVER LINING HERE Sam Khan takes a look at the roughest stretch of the Aggie football schedule coming up this season and it definitely looks fine no it's fine you know what just don't even look at it trust me it's fine though seriously fine. On a related note, in the span of 4 weeks your season ticket gets you home games against Alabama, South Carolina, and Auburn. Or we could be in the Big XII still.

AND IF WE WERE IN THE BIG XII STILL Miniature rabble-rouser David Ubben caused some sparks yesterday by suggesting that the Aggies and Longhorns need to quit being babies and play each other in football. This could not be more wrong. A&M's product is nationalized, their brand is trending, and they are enjoying the returns on investment in terms of ticket sales and recruit portfolios for leveraging their marketable football solutions to a global football economy. Those are all much more fun for the fans than playing football.


But if you think about it, some of our PPP was against Chavis' PPP so ex post facto we are awesome. QEDMF.