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Daily Bull 5.18.15

So, um... what's been going on with you guys?

Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images

You only thought we had hit peak off season before. Basketball is just a memory, baseball is on hiatus until Wednesday, football is still 108 days away. Julie has already updated everyone on the tennis and softball teams. Twitter is a wasteland of Mad Men, Mad Max, and mad people. The only way we get through this is with each other, Hunters. Stay strong out there.

And seriously, get out there and see Mad Max: Fury Road. Damn.

STICK THEM WITH THE POINTY END You know when you're a kid growing up and you fantasize about hitting a grand slam in the bottom of the ninth in the World Series? Well if there is a javelin equivalent, this is it. Congratulations to all of the Aggies who competed in Starkville, and especially to Ioannis Kyriazis for locking down the SEC javelin title.

STAY SAFE EVERYONE If you hadn't heard, there was a violent biker-gang shootout in Waco yesterday. Now rumors are swirling of rival gangs from other cities heading to Waco in some form of retaliation. Be careful in your travels around Texas, and keep our friends in Waco in your prayers.

THE WORST DAY PLAYING VIDEO GAMES STILL BEATS A DAY WORKING Unless of course you are fortunate enough to have your job involve occasionally playing video games like Spencer Hall and Jon Bois. Let them entertain you with a tale of two video games that were very bad.