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Daily Bull 05.12.15

Texas A&M officials will be visiting England to determine exactly how bats control crickets.

Stu Forster/Getty Images

JUST MAKE OUT ALREADY Looks like the Aggies and the Longhorns are going head-to-head over a recruit again. Someone please explain again why this is more compelling and interesting than ACTUALLY PLAYING EACH OTHER IN FOOTBALL, and do so without using the terms 'more to lose', 'national exposure', or 'don't even care about them'.

FREE HAT FREE HAT FREE HAT FREE HAT Thursday May 28th is Aggie Night at The Ballpark In Arlington. I don't follow our nation's past time as well as I should, but THAT HAT.

HATS FOR BATS. KEEP BATS WARM. A petition has been started to ask Texas A&M University to address the issue of rehousing the Mexican free-tailed bats that are being displaced by the renovations at Kyle Field. This petition will be definitely be met with open-mindedness and empathy and in no way will go horribly wrong on the internet. At the very least, please try to imagine the intense amount of mosquitoes you'd be dealing with during those hot August home openers.

MAIL CALL We still have 114 days to go until college football, and our canteen of other sports is getting drier by the day. Good Bull Hunting is calling for any and all questions you would like to have answered by our panel of experts interns enthusiasts. Ask us anything about anything. Aggieland, sports, Dutch politics, cross-stitching - whatever question you need answered, we have people who know the answer or are willing to lie to you. Email us at