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Good Bull Hunting spoke with Chet Norsworth, Senior VP Marketing Strategy Analyst Manager at World Optimum Marketing Products, Inc. and the man whose vision could have led to the redesign of the official Texas A&M seal, possibly.


With much disappointment I must remind you that this person is not real. You may recall the last time that we summoned him.

Good Bull Hunting: Tell us about the reasons behind the change.

This is about our "one brand" vision. Texas A&M University currently has at least 4 logos being used at various times, and as a result they are bleeding profits by losing customer base due to brand confusion and dilution. By implementing a single, instantly recognizable A&M brand we hope to create a unique portfolio which will improve loyalty and increase brand awareness globally.

Look at McDonald's. Those golden arches are recognized around the world and speak across a thousand languages. We could make Texas A&M University the McDonald's of public higher education institutions.

GBH: This decision has resulted in considerable backlash from alumni and current students. What response do you have to their complaints that this is a tacky ploy that subverts decades of tradition and the history of the school itself?

We do not want to seem insensitive to these concerns, but the bottom line is that these people have no idea how to run a successful business. Focus groups have shown time and time again that consumers do not respond to tradition. They respond to simple designs, basic shapes, and primary colors. Why would any school not want to stamp each degree with a seal designed by the greatest shoe company in the history of the world?

We have to ask ourselves what our competitors are doing, and more importantly what are they not doing? If Aggies want their alma mater to become a global leader in the market, they need to buy in on the ground floor, embrace these changes, and get excited about the increase in visibility that will maximize impact. Synergy.

GBH: How do you feel that the new updated seal will achieve these goals?

Let's step back and talk a bit about the four P's of marketing: Power, Prestige, Profiteering, and Progress. Changing the seal at this stage engages all four of the P's. It is important to note that Pandering to the desires of satisfied alumni and current students is not one of the P's.

If there were a fifth P, it would be Pushing changes through despite resistance.

GBH: Where do you see your company taking Texas A&M in the future?

We are here to empower our client to leverage their brand and increase market share. Texas A&M is currently selling less than 20,000 undergraduate degrees per year. If they follow the right marketing strategies and engage robust branding practices, we could hit ten times that number.