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In the long run, those horses might actually be the cheapest seats in the house.

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This article is wonderful for two reasons.

First, it was written shortly after last year's season opener against South Carolina and so is filled with the sort of delightful optimism that makes for tragic comedy with the addition of hindsight. After all, at that time there really was "little reason to doubt the team can make another run towards the top of the conference." There was also just a little bit of reason to believe that we would score so much as a field goal against Alabama. Reason is funny that way.

The second and more important reason that article is wonderful is that it provides (in a manner) prices for tickets at Kyle Field for three different years. Calculating the change in prices between those years provides precisely two data points about percentage increases in price, and two data points is always the perfect number.

Let's assume that ticket price increases will continue to increase at the same rate (about 2.2% per year). What does this mean for the Aggie faithful in the stands. In order to help wrap your heads around these numbers I have provided some similarly priced items that can be found on eBay, either right now or in this list.

It's always a good sign for your wallet when you are forced to use a logarithmic scale.

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