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We have a majority, and soon we will have a consensus.

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As you may have heard, this week Coaches Sumlin and Strong have provided delicious off-season fodder by running their mouths about interest in renewing the dormant rivalry between A&M and Texas.

Researchers at GBH Headquarters deep in the bowels of Kyle Field surveyed the population a couple of years back and found this topic to be pretty divisive among Aggies. In fact, it was almost perfectly split.

131001 A&MUT

Clearly half of the population felt that branding national stage relevance more to lose less to gain little 12 who needs them who are you talking about, while the other half felt that tradition rivalry history love of the game scoreboard bragging rights Justin Tucker. They both make valid points.

However, both groups have had time to take a cold shower and gain a little perspective. Time heals all wounds, after all. In this morning's Daily Bull we decided to take another quick straw poll to see if the results would reflect this time for introspection, and we were not surprised by the results.

050415 A&MUT

(It should probably be noted that we only tallied actual votes and did not count Facebook comments because Google Translate couldn't find a match.)

Well would you look at that? We have two data points! So when exactly can we expect the masses to rise up and demand that these two schools set aside their bitter divorcee mentality and own up to the fact that college football deserves this game?

Turns out that in 2017 Punxsutawney Phil may get to declare that the season of being petty is over. By February 1st, 2017, every single Aggie on the internet will be in favor of the rivalry. Those who claim not to care at that point are either misleading you or are incapable of clicking a radio button.

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