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Daily Bull 12.09.15 - Myles Garrett Edition

Today we paint murals of Aggie football players in 90's movies.

Erich Schlegel-USA TODAY Sports

MYLES GARRETT DOESN'T WANT TO BE FED. HE WANTS TO HUNT. The Lombardi trophy will be awarded today and Myles Garrett is in Houston as a finalist. He spoke with friend of GBH Kate Hairopoulos about the season, the award, and how someone painted a mural of him in Jurassic Park. Remember the words below and let them keep you warm during the long, cold off season.

I want to win every award possible that I can to show that I'm the best player, not just in my position, but in college football.

KENTUCKY TOPS THE LOSER'S BRACKET The All-SEC Team was announced yesterday and the Aggies landed two first team spots with Myles Garrett and bad boy heartthrob Drew Kaser. Five Ags made the second team, including true freshman Christian Kirk who was selected as a wide receiver and kick returner in the Class A naturally-aspirated division. All 13 of the SEC football teams had at least one player selected. *wink*

I SWEAR TO GOD I'LL PISTOL WHIP THE NEXT GUY WHO SAYS "NOTHING TO GAIN" Much like any religious manuscript, Good Bull Hunting is open to interpretation as people try to find meaning that helps them lead their lives in a better way. Some people may have gotten cuppycup's post about the Texas Bowl wrong, though, so he wrote an addendum to clarify. The main takeaway here is that we don't get to see Kliff's beautiful face in person again and we are all worse for it.