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Daily Bull 12.23.15: Secret Newsletter Edition

I'm hitting the road this morning, so I'll be brief.

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

RUMORS OF MY UNEMPLOYMENT WERE GREATLY EXAGGERATED Kevin Sumlin had the gall to call out a captain of #industry by publicly questioning the motives of a Longhorn pay site which was the only media outlet in the world to break news of Sumlin's ousting at Texas A&M. This is your reminder that people work extra hours, missing their child's recital, and use the money they earn to pay that website for its news. People are dumb as hell.

STOP BREAKING UP BY TEXT Dennis Franchione retired from football yesterday, and let the young men who made a life decision to come play for him know in the most Fran way possible.

The man died as he lived - aloof, dispassionate, and always with one eye on the exit.

Have a safe holiday everyone, be happy and thankful. To keep things in perspective, remember that no matter how bad things get here, someone in South Carolina recently said with confidence, "I think Will Muschamp is our guy."