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Daily Bull 12.02.15 - Wednesday Trendsday

Your favorite intermittent mild amusement is back for at least this once again.

Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

FIRST THINGS FIRST Dr. Camacho and I spent last night dreaming up a fantastical adventure, one in which you could choose your own path. In a way, you can actually choose your own adventure! Test your mettle as an athletic director in the SEC during the tumultuous era of ye olde head coaching search. There are no wrong answers so long as you're having fun and learning!

#WEDNESDAYTRENDSDAY There has been a lot of grumbling from the Aggie faithful about not getting those 10 wins we deserve. Well I have good news, because Kevin Sumlin is righting this ship! There had been a decline in our wins each year under Sumlin - until this year when the trend began reversing. The math is simple and incontrovertible. Tell your friends with the smug certainty of an Aggie on Facebook.