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5-star $450MM complex announces intention to seek new opportunities

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

College Station, TX - Kyle Field, the home of the 12th Man and Aggie football since 1927, has announced that it will transfer from Texas A&M University effective immediately.

The announcement comes on the heels of news that both 5-star QBs Kyle Allen and Kyler Murray will also be leaving the program, leaving Aggies everywhere to wonder how things could possibly get worse. "Obviously the loss of two quarterbacks in one season is a blow, but it will be even more difficult to replace a facility that has taken years to build not to mention millions of dollars over the years," said head coach Kevin Sumlin in a press conference today. "You bring in stadiums because they have a certain set of facilities that fit your system, and you hope that they stick things out and see it through to the end."

There are few details thus far, and it is unclear if the stadium will be taking its foundation and parking lot or if those will remain with the program. Though no official statement has been made, it is likely that Texas A&M will block the stadium from transferring to any school in Texas, the SEC, or high seismic zones.

At this point it is assumed that backup McFerrin Athletic Center will step in for all football game hosting duties for the remainder of the season. It remains to be seen if Coach Sumlin and the athletic department will seek out a JUCO transfer stadium in the off season or hope for another blue chip athletic facility to land in their laps next season.