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Daily Bull 12.01.15: Please Put The Bottle Down

It's beginning to feel a lot like bowl season...

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

TOGETHER AGAIN FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME The Aggies and Longhorns are finally back together - in Roll Bama Roll's weekly Meltdown. We may have our differences, but we can both agree that Thanksgiving weekend was a crotch-kicking bad time. Here's a fun game, drink every time you read the word spav no wait oh god please don't do that dammit your BAC is now 5.3%.

WE ALWAYS WIN THE SPORTS & LEISURE SECTION, TOO Nothing says totally legitimate scientific polling that Aggies will only use in the most dignified fashion like winning a USA Today online poll for best college band. I'm telling you, if they did the Four Winds drill while playing Sandstorm you couldn't handle that on strong acid, man.

THE SHIELD CAN'T PROTECT YOU FROM FOOTBALL THIS BAD The Cleveland Browns are so stubbornly committed to being bad that you can't help but admire that level of conviction. That's why first round draft pick Johnny Manziel got to sit on the bench to watch his team kick-six their way to new heights of failure glory. Sometimes when your buddy wants to hammer in a nail with his forehead, you just gotta sit back and enjoy the show.

MAKE SURE NO ONE ASKS YOU FOR PRESENTS AGAIN Good Bull Hunting is your one-stop shop for all your Christmas shopping needs. Let your loved ones know that you love them so much you want to ruin their chances of making any other friends, thus maximizing your time together.